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Available Puppies & Upcoming Litters

Goldendoodles | Bernedoodles | Australian Bernedoodles

All puppies are raised in our homes with consistent human interaction from Day 1. We pride ourselves in raising puppies that are gentle, smart, and ready to join their new families once they reach 8 weeks of age.

We do early neurological stimulation starting at 3 days old. A "potty area" is introduced at 3 weeks to begin the potty training process while the pups are too young to go outside. Starting at 6 weeks old, the puppies begin acclimating to crates. 

We are sure to expose the puppies to baths, nail clippers, other animals (check out our Instagram for photos of our non-canine critters!), veterinary visits, and leashes to ensure they are as prepared as possible for their new homes. 


Golden Retriever x Poodle

Our Goldendoodles can range in size from miniature, medium, and standard. Their size will depend on both parents. ​


  • Standard Goldendoodles - $2200 

  • Mini/Medium - $2500

  • Petite Minis - $2800


Bernese Mountain Dog x Poodle

Our Bernedoodles can vary in size depending on parents, but all pricing is the same for this breed. 



  • Bernedoodles - $2500


Australian Bernedoodles

Australian Shepherd x Bernese Mountain Dog x Poodle

Australian Mountain Doodles are a cross between 3 fantastic breeds. Pricing is the same, regardless of size.


  • Australian Mountain Doodles - $2500

Golden Mountain Doodles

Bernese Mountain Dog x Golden Retriever x Poodle

Golden Mountain Doodles are a cross between 3 fantastic breeds: the Bernese Mountain Dog, the Golden Retriever, and the Poodle.


  • Golden Mountain Doodles - $2500

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